God's Way For Living

God's Way For Living

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The Seventh Day - Part 1 of 5
Did you ever wonder...
If life on earth really began by accident?
Why the week has 7 days?
If God considers one day of the week more special than the others?
DVD - $17

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The Seventh Day - Part 2 of 5
Did you know...
Church leaders conspired to kill Jesus Christ when He broke their Sabbath rules?
Early Christians kept Saturdays as the Sabbath for hundreds of years?
Roman sun worship led to Christians worshipping on Sunday?
DVD - $17

The Seventh Day - Part 3 of 5
Fact: Ireland's famous St. Patrick was neither Irish nor Catholic.
Fact: The Pope was excommunicated for promoting fasting on the seventh-day Sabbath.
Fact: A "letter from Heaven" threatened supernatural punishments for failing to keep Sunday holy.
DVD - $17

The Seventh Day - Part 4 of 5
In Russia: Ivan Kuritsin and other Sabbath keeping reformers burned to death in Moscow's Red Square.
In Spain: Constantino Ponce de la Fuente, a prominent Roman Catholic priest, promoted the seventh-day Sabbath and died in an Inquisition prison.
In Slovakia: After surviving several hours at the end of a hangman's noose, Anabaptist leader Andreas Fischer escaped to continue preaching the seventh-day Sabbath.
DVD - $17

The Seventh Day - Part 5 of 5
In 1665 -- Seventh Day Baptists first planted the doctrine of the seventh-day Sabbath in New England.
In 1742 -- A New York court fined German count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzindorf for violating Sunday protection laws.
In 1888 -- Senator Henry Blair proposed a national Sunday law that threatened religious liberty in the United States.
DVD - $17

The Forgotten Dream - Episode 1 of 3 -Scripture Mysteries
Documentary Series
DVD - $13

The Most Incredible Prophecy -
 Episode 2 of 3 -
Scripture Mysteries
Documentary Series
DVD - $13

Theodicy -
 Episode 3 of 3 -
If God is good why is there a devil,
evil, and an antichrist? -
Scripture Mysteries
Documentary Series
DVD - $13

The Jesus DVD -
An Interactive Journey through the Life and World of Jesus
Fun For Everyone!
DVD - $10

An Ancient Dream Unlocks The Future -
Anchor Point Films -
DVD - $15

Steps to Christ in Song -
Fountainview Strings & Choir -
Includes: 6 DVDs; 3 Audio Book CD's; and 3 Steps to Christ DVDs -
DVD - $30

Prophecy Foundations -
A Multimedia Bible Experience -
1 DVD includes:
25 hours of video footage
48 topical pocket books
9 in-depth books by prophecy experts
173 audio presentations
51 topical Bible study lessons
10 Bible lessons for kids
DVD - $15 each  (4 left)

Help in Daily Living -
Fountainview Academy
Orchestra & Choir
Complete 5-Disc Set with Booklet -
3 DVDs & 2 Audio Book CDs -
Help In Daily Living (booklet)
A practical guide to everday blessings.
by Ellen G. White
DVD Set - $30

Animated Hero Classics -
Grandes Personajes de la Historia
Vol. 1 (Spanish)
DVD - $10

Nature's Babies - Includes:
Vol 1 - Growing Up Wild in Tanzania
Vol 2 - Lions & Elephants of Kenya
Vol 3 - Seals & Whales of Patagonia
Boxed cover is 3-D.
3 DVD Set (great for kids)- $20

Cool Bugs! -
3 Volume DVDs - 52 Six-Minute Episodes
More than 5 Hours
Boxed cover is 3-D.
3 DVD Set (great for kids)- $20

Healthy Beginnings-
Nearly 4 hours of life-saving presentations on 4 DVDs by Dr. Hans Diehl highlighting the reversibility of Western killer diseases through the Lifestyle Medicine approach..
4 DVD Set - $15

Forks Over Knives -
Join the Conversation That's Changing the Way America Eats -
DVD - $

Dr. McDougall's Total Health Solution
For The 21st Century
Chapter 1 - A Common Sense Program Chapter 2 - Five Dietary Myths
Chapter 3 - Planning Successful Meals
Chapter 4 - Effortless Weight Loss
Chapter 5- Eating In and Out of the House
Chapter 6 - Keeping Healthy Blood Vessels
Chapter 7 -Winning The War On Cancer
2 DVD Set - $30

Healing Cancer From Inside Out -
If you think conventional treatments cure cancer...
 If you think diet cannot cure cancer... Think again.
Second Edition - by Mike Anderson
Subtitles in: Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, English -
DVD - $20